Hungarian Association of Independent Labels

HAIL is the Hungarian Association of Independent Labels, founded in 2018 in Budapest as an immediate member of IMPALA (the international Independent Music Companies Association). Our members are the Hungarian independent record labels.

The main goal of the association is to stand for the independent record labels not just in Hungary but also on an international level, on events and within associations. Our intention to be a federation of the small labels with less strength, to stand for their interests, and to stabilise them on the market. We wish to be an active part of the music industry stream and influence the fast changind trends, we aim to give voice to our members, to give voice to their ideas and observations. Based on our geographical location we wish to be the center of the region, not just locally but on the music business level; we organise workshops, give support and knowledge, not only for the Hungarian independent labels but the newcomers of the region too. Wtih our help even the small labels can represent themselves on an international level, build up connections, networks and improve their professional skills.

Our Partners