#LoveRecordStores – IMPALA’s message for music fans across Europe

Promoting the #LoveRecordStores campaign, independent music companies see supporting local record shops as a vital part of getting through the current crisis.
Ahead of what would have been Record Store Day this weekend, IMPALA has this message for music fans:
You can’t see your favourite artists on tour or in your local record store for now, but you can buy online from them!”
IMPALA also urges governments to include record stores in the first wave of shops that are allowed to re-open, subject of course to the necessary restrictions on the number of customers.
#LoveRecordStores is an online campaign where artists, music fans and many others are posting messages of support for their local record shops. The idea is to encourage people to buy music online from these specialist stores who play a vital role in the music community. IMPALA promotes its roll-out across Europe, together with other campaigns to support local record stores and other initiatives to promote music during the coronavirus crisis.
Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA commented:
Independent music companies across Europe support #LoveRecordStores. This is particularly important ahead of Record Store Day, one of the biggest events in the music calendar, supposed to be this weekend, but postponed to June 20.
Francesca Trainini, Chair of IMPALA, Italian association PMI and IMPALA’s Task Force added:
Record stores are a vital part of the music ecosytem. One of the Task Force’s priorities is to promote buying online from these stores now and make sure they are in the first wave of shops allowed to re-open when lockdowns are lifted.
To find out more about #LoveRecordStores and support it with your own message, go to https://twitter.com/LoveRecsStores. The campaign started in the UK and has attracted a lot of attention, with messages from Elton John and many many others. It has been picked up in many countries where the press reaction has also been very positive.
To find independent records stores in your country, click here for a list of those participating in Record Store Day. For an interactive map of shops delivering online during the lockdown (UK for now) click here
To find out more about Record Store Day click here, (date changed to 20 June from 18 April).