The 4th Independent Label Fair Coming in September

ILF2020 will be held in 11th and 12th September  for the 4th time. Independent Label Fair Budapest is Hungary’s first initiative to bring the country’s independent music scene together. This year HAIL is the main support and sponsore of the event, so we gather a professional day with presentations and roundtables.


We encourage independent record labels to go offline, gather and present their catalogues to each other and most importantly to their audiences. In the current situation it is more important than ever to support independent record labels as many small businesses are struggling and fighting for their survival. Please support our community with purchasing something from some of the finest releases Hungary has to offer. Read our latest report on the situation here.


11th Sept., Pro-Day in Jurányi

14:00-14:30 – Associations and Organisations on the indie scene: WIN, Merlin, Imapala, HAIL, RUNDA
14:45-15:05 – Music Competence Centre: the knowledge-base of the region starts here
15:20-16:10 – Physical and digital distribution in Hungary and Europe: opportunities and challneges
16:30-17:20 – Governmental support during the COVID-crisis: best practices from abroad, current practices in Hungary, and what comes next? 

12th Sept., Fair in Gólya

13:00-18:00 – indie label fair with live DJ sets 


Check in to the facebook event here.


Whow’ll be there? 

4mg Records, Audioexit Records, Blackrod, Blastbeat Worship, Blorp / Earth Plates, Blunt Shelter Records, BMC – Budapest Music Center, Brave Rabbit, BRVTAL, Budabeats, Budapest vinyl, Concorde Nation, CrossRoads Records, Daddypower, Dalmata Daniel, Dióbél Kiadó, Drazerecords, Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records, EXILES, FerdinandRecords, Flowin Records (Underground Railroad), Fucktone Records, Gramy, GrapefruitMoon Records, ILL WILL records, Krypton it, Launching Gagarin Records and Management, Legenda Records, L.V. Records, LYKA, Mana Mana, Metal Ör Die Records, Mindig Otthon Punk Discs, NOW Books & Music, Pongo Pongo Collective, PrePost Records, Selected Sounds, Senkrecht Records, Szégyen Kazetták, Tapes Sublimating, Techno Vinyls Records, Théque Records, This Is Our Time, Trottel Records, Unsigned